Buzz “Lightspeed” Aldrin: Rocket Hero

Buzz Aldrin's commercial brand. (Credit: Buzz Aldrin/StarBuzz, LLC)

If there’s one guy that isn’t slowing down with age, it’s legendary Apollo astronaut Buzz Aldrin.  Shortly after I returned to town last weekend, my wife discovered that he was doing a book signing at the Luxor Hotel here for his new memoir/autobiography, Magnificent Desolation.

And let me tell you, a new book only scratches the surface of what the Second Man on the Moon has been doing with his spare time in recent years.  Aside from starting a new company (StarBuzz, LLC), a secondary non-profit, and a new licensing brand of “Rocket Hero” merchandise, he is now one of the most vocal champions of the private space initiative.

At 80, that ain’t bad.

Me meeting Buzz Aldrin at a signing at the Luxor Hotel. (Credit: Jordan McGee -my awesome wife!)

So, as soon as my wife tracked down the details (she’s awesome!), we headed downtown.  To our great fortune, word hadn’t yet gotten out and we were amongst the first in line.  Now, I know there aren’t ordinarily opportunities for conversations at book-signings – it’s a cattle herding ordeal.

As a long-shot, I decided to wear my UND Aerospace t-shirt, (where I’m currently attending grad school,) knowing that Buzz was instrumental in creating the program.  It paid off, triggering a brief but lively exchange about the program, including a rivalry with Embry-Riddle I wasn’t aware of(!).

The man actually stood on another world.  Meeting him in person makes my ambitions feel all the more real, and consequently, all the more attainable.

So, here’s to Buzz, Rocket Hero, an inspiration to all of us starry-eyed NewSpace hopefuls and an example that age doesn’t have to mean slowing down!

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