My time research centers largely on alternative interpretations of the temporal effects of Special Relativity.  In short, there’s a huge disconnect between the philosophical description of time, the personal experience of time, the academic conceptions of time, and the physical attributes of time as an aspect of physical reality.

Philosophy debates the reality of time in terms of experience, which is not based in physical science, while general physics denies the reality of time as evidenced by Special Relativity.  Something has fallen through the cracks, and I’m currently pursuing research to pry open what I argue are our inadequate conceptions to get at the true nature of physical time and what it might mean for physics at-large, objective reality, and personal experience.

Publications to date are as follows:

McGee, B. W., 2007. Epistemology, Special Relativity, and Temporal Mechanics: Breaking the limits imposed by classical conceptions of relativistic time.  International Society for the Study of Time 13th Triennial Conference, 28 July – 03 August, conference proceedings, p. 12.

McGee, B. W., 2006. The implications of relativistic time dilation on the nature of physical time: a non-Newtonian interpretation of special relativity.  Kronoscope. ISST, v. 6(2), 175-191.

5 thoughts on “Time

  1. I’ve been reading about all the things you studie.
    Where do you find the time for so much active placement?

    What is it you are trying to understand about temporal demonstration
    and why?

    To go deeper into this subject is to ultimately arive at… Atoms oblige..

  2. Jackie,

    “Atoms oblige…” – I like it. =) (If only that were always true.)

    To answer your questions, where do I find the time for work? I’m still working on that one. To find the time for research is to sacrifice time somewhere else, and sometimes I have to pay the price for that one.

    What is it I am trying to understand about time? Namely, I feel as though current knowledge belies a deeper physical truth to time, the understanding of which may lead to a physics breakthrough or two.

    Why try to find out if this feeling is true? I also feel like a breakthrough in physics enabled by an enhanced understanding of time could aid in the development of cheaper “alternative” power production and/or revolutionary propulsion systems so we can tackle the “oceans between the stars.”

    Thanks for reading – I hope to keep interesting articles, anecdotes, and research updates coming. Feel free to message or comment any time.


  3. I think a higher understanding of time could explain why gravity is gravity (All we really know about gravity is HOW gravity works). it could explain dark energy and dark matter. it could explain the plank length or be tied into it, thereby providing explanations to the quantum world.

    but any higher/ or alternative explanation to the human perspective of time MUST agree with our observations of the universe. time dialation and length contraction are different phenomena, special relativity and general relativity explain those phenomena pretty damn well but there are incomplete.

    I would be surprised if a grand unified theory did not include a higher/alternative view of time.

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