Timestream Post: A note from 03/17/2012

Well, I’m standing in the midst of my 5th year wedding anniversary, and I thought it sensible to send a note forward another five years.  (It seems a nice increment for several reasons… not the least of which is our digits. *grin*) We’re just hours from a renewal of our wedding vows downtown at a Las Vegas-style Strip-front […]

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Jazz in Space

In space, as they say, no one can hear you.  And that may be a problem.  While many astronauts experience what is called the “overview effect,” that is, a sense of euphoric connectedness to the Earth and all of its inhabitants brought on by the vantage of seeing the planet in a truly native context… astronauts experience  ups […]

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Ultimately, Time Travel is essential for Space Travel

Long-time readers may note that this blog bounces (veers?) between space-related content and time/temporal physics-related content.  Today, aside from admitting that (not surprisingly) the two topics are primary passions of mine, I’ll tell you why they’re related, and intimately so. It’s all Einstein’s fault. Put very simply, according to Relativity: When dealing with events in the universe, […]

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Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.

“Space Travel is all we do!  Rocket parking on the roof…” Just a note today on an outfit that has been one of my favorite internet stopping points for quite a while now.  It’s Seattle’s Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co., a refreshingly serious tongue-in-cheek astronaut supply shop whose proceeds go to 826 Seattle, a related […]

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