New UK Space Agency launched

24 03 2010

New UK Space Agency's logo. Credit: UK Space Agency Caption: Triple Redundancy

Yesterday, the United Kingdom (UK)announced a new, restructured space agency conspicuously called the UK Space Agency, which replaces the older British National Space Centre and is slated to open its doors by April 1st.  Including a new International Space Innovation Centre, the UK Space Agency is intended to take responsibility of UK government space activity, serve as a hub for all UK civilian space activity, and foster a new national space technology strategy. 

Perhaps this signals a renewed commitment to space exploration activity on the part of the UK?

The old British National Space Centre website has been reconfigured to transition to the new UK Space Agency website on April 1st.  Until then, we’ll just have to wait to see whether this announcement represents real change or is merely a change in title…

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