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-Thrilled to offer a quick note pointing to a nice article for which I was recently interviewed on’s Little Mysteries!  The piece concerns skepticism and my belief that there’s no such thing as a “bad question” in the context of my involvement with the National Geographic Channel’s new show, the sensationally-titled “Chasing UFOs.” Concerning several of the popular locations and […]

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Cycloidal Ridges on Europa: A Xenoarchaeological Analogue

When seriously considering the possibility of xenoarchaeology as a practicable science, I’ve proposed (as have others) the endeavor to be deeply interdisciplinary. Solid archaeological methodologies will need to be complemented with and modified by a strong foundation in planetary science. I also often suggest that the practice of xenoarchaeology will find its most frequent utility in “debunking” rushed, […]

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Tales from a nuclear rocket station

One of the great pleasures of my research into the ’60s development of nuclear rockets for space exploration are moments like the following, which I pieced together from archival records and oral history…  (If I find enough of these to write, I might collect them into a book sometime.  Feedback welcome.) Richard Nutley, a supply […]

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