The Science Behind “Chasing UFOs” – Episode 4

For those who might like to dig farther into (or simply know more about the science behind) the National Geographic Channel series “Chasing UFOs,” including debris field surveys, exploding rockets, and the classic argument from ignorance, look no further! Direct link-through to my article on the NatGeo TV blog can be found here: Cheers! […]

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Interviewed on!

-Thrilled to offer a quick note pointing to a nice article for which I was recently interviewed on’s Little Mysteries!  The piece concerns skepticism and my belief that there’s no such thing as a “bad question” in the context of my involvement with the National Geographic Channel’s new show, the sensationally-titled “Chasing UFOs.” Concerning several of the popular locations and […]

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Alien archeology – now a real science?

Well, I’ve done it.  Making good on a promise I made to myself while presenting a poster at the Society of American Archaeology conference in 2008, I recently submitted an article to the journal Space Policy outlining a framework for a science that doesn’t quite exist yet: Xenoarchaeology. “Xeno” is Greek/Latin for “foreign” or “stranger.” […]

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