Room with a (global) view

When you gaze outside of your spacecraft, what do you see? What’s it really like to be there? With the advent of digital photography in the hands of determined astronauts willing to make time to steal moments to snap images like the above, now we can know.  Have a look.  Blow the image up with a click.  […]

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America’s other other space program

A quick note this morning on one of my personal favorite space ventures, JP Aerospace.  As a truly DIY space endeavor, the firm has been making a name for itself for more than a decade with their concentrated, unconventional, volunteer-based business model and regular deployments of high-altitude-balloon-lofted platforms complete with telemetry, imaging equipment, and in […]

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Humanity’s outpost in the sky

A short note this morning on humanity in the cosmos.  In the above image, an outstanding French photographer managed to capture what otherwise would have whipped by in the blink of an eye. For an instant on May 22nd, the International Space Station (ISS) and the docked Atlantis orbiter (space shuttle) moved between Earth and […]

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Coolest Aurora Pic Ever.

Soichi Noguchi snapped one of the coolest aurora images I can remember seeing and posted it today via Twitter.  However, if the green glow doesn’t resemble the classic Aurora Borealis images you’re used to seeing over Alaska, take heart – there’s a reason: Location, location, location. Soichi is a Japanese Astronaut, and the picture was […]

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