Timestream Post: A note from 03/17/2012

Well, I’m standing in the midst of my 5th year wedding anniversary, and I thought it sensible to send a note forward another five years.  (It seems a nice increment for several reasons… not the least of which is our digits. *grin*) We’re just hours from a renewal of our wedding vows downtown at a Las Vegas-style Strip-front […]

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Shredding the Library

I was inspired by a recent post from SETI’s Dr. Seth Shostak to say something about my own three-year battle against three-dimensionality. As a scientist, I’ve (intentionally) tended to collect reference papers and books into a sort of personal technical library.  (I’m not alone here, as Dr. Shostak will attest.)  My library includes excerpts, articles, […]

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Time Experiment: Digital Time Travel

In the interest of exploring some of the more intriguing implications of our ubiquitous Cyberverse, I’ve decided to attempt to use WordPress as something of a digital time machine. You see, there’s a “Schedule” feature for blog posts that I realized should work as long as WordPress and the Internet are around, and through it, […]

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