Extrasolar maelstrom!

This week might be considered a red-letter period for discoveries relating to extrasolar planets, from imaging alien comets and their implications for otherworldly oceans to witnessing the dusty disks and primordial protoplanets of young, forming star systems. In case you missed it, this week provides your healthy dose of Exoplanetology: Very “Wet” Extrasolar System Found The European […]

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“Planet X” lost in space?

Researchers at the University of Kansas and the Smithsonian Institute have performed one of the most extensive analyses of Earth’s past extinction patterns to date.  So, what did researchers Adrian Melott and Richard Bambach conclude?  Planet X cannot exist. Planet X, also known as Nemesis, is a proposed “dark” (i.e. dim) companion star to the […]

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Meet Philae, the Comet Hitchhiker

It is an exciting time for space exploration.  The Cassini spacecraft continues to dazzle us from Saturn.  The legendary Mars rovers Spirit and Opportunity continue to prove their Herculean endurance on the desert planet.  The MESSENGER spacecraft is en route to Mercury, and New Horizons is on its way to Pluto.  -And, to my point […]

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