Interstellar Space also a Frothing Primordial Soup!

Researchers from the University of Texas and the Astrophysics Institute of Canarias have announced a discovery of yet more evidence that life may be a common, natural result of cosmic processes.  The highly complex organic molecule anthracene has been detected in an interstellar cloud of molecular gas 700 light-years away toward the constellation Perseus. Anthracene, which […]

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Alien archeology – now a real science?

Well, I’ve done it.  Making good on a promise I made to myself while presenting a poster at the Society of American Archaeology conference in 2008, I recently submitted an article to the journal Space Policy outlining a framework for a science that doesn’t quite exist yet: Xenoarchaeology. “Xeno” is Greek/Latin for “foreign” or “stranger.” […]

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Target: Titan & Silicon-based life

Move over, Mars.  According to new imagery from the Cassini spacecraft and new research recently published in the Journal of Cosmology, Saturn’s moon Titan may be the hottest exploration ticket in the Solar System. Up until only five years ago, the massive moon Titan was one of the last great mysteries in our neighborhood of planets.  Itself […]

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