Science as the language of time-travelers

A note today on something that is implicit in many of the popular treatments of time travel that I’d like to make explicit.  Namely, I’d like to explore the answer to the question: Presuming backward-and-forward time travel to be possible, how could we communicate with those from different times? This is something that actually comes up […]

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Time travel physics in flux

Something is rotten with the state of time travel/lightspeed physics. To “c” (the symbolic designation for the speed of light), or not to “c”?  -That is the question plaguing physicists in a number of recent studies with apparently conflicting results. Traditionally, the speed of light is viewed as a barrier to physical movement.  According to conventional […]

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Digital Time Capsule note from 2010

With the ubiquity of our digital infrastructure, it occurs to me that one possible means of transmitting information across vast stretches of time may, in fact, be to simply schedule it for much-delayed delivery. How far will this work in principle?  I feel confident I can trust WordPress’s existence for six months.  One year?  Still […]

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Ultimately, Time Travel is essential for Space Travel

Long-time readers may note that this blog bounces (veers?) between space-related content and time/temporal physics-related content.  Today, aside from admitting that (not surprisingly) the two topics are primary passions of mine, I’ll tell you why they’re related, and intimately so. It’s all Einstein’s fault. Put very simply, according to Relativity: When dealing with events in the universe, […]

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Time Experiment: Digital Time Travel

In the interest of exploring some of the more intriguing implications of our ubiquitous Cyberverse, I’ve decided to attempt to use WordPress as something of a digital time machine. You see, there’s a “Schedule” feature for blog posts that I realized should work as long as WordPress and the Internet are around, and through it, […]

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Temporal Mechanics (Time update part 2)

Things have been fairly one-sided here on the ol’ astrowright blog for a while.  What with beginning classes in UND’s space studies program and with upcoming coursework in radiophysics at Oregon State, (which I hope to integrate into orbital/lunar radiation work,) it’s no surprise that I’ve been a bit hyper-focused on space science. However, today I […]

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