Timestream Post: A note from 04.29.2011

So, who are you?

I’m referring to you, my offspring, who as I type this is not yet half way toward growing into a self-sustaining future person.  Jordan (my wife) and I have decided to wait to see what you are, so I don’t know yet if I’m addressing my future son or daughter…  But I can’t wait to meet you!  (-And what more perfect vehicle is there to project my question into the future than my Timestream Project?)

Whose traits will you share?  Whose aptitudes?  Likes and dislikes?  -And I’m dying for an answer to the epic pregnancy question: Blue eyes like me or green eyes like Jordan?  (Or a different color entirely?)  There are so many things I can’t wait to share and explore with you – it’s been a long time coming, but I’m quite excited to be a dad. =)

We’ve got a couple of names at the top of the list, Rowan if you’re a girl and Grayson if you’re a boy.   Though these are top-secret at the present time and may not stay at the top of the list, I feel safe sending them into the future when the point will most likely be moot!  So, maybe-Rowan or maybe-Grayson, welcome to the McGee clan!  (I suppose that’s technically redundant, but whatever.)

I’m sending this forward only a few months, (I’m impatient,) to the projected date of your birth.   By this point, we think it’ll be about Election Day, 2011.  How was the pregnancy?  The delivery?  I can’t wait!

So, best wishes to Jordan for a speedy and uneventful pregnancy, and welcome to Earth, young McGee!

Writing anxiously from the past and with love,


April 29, 2011.

04_29_2011, 02:28pm.

One thought on “Timestream Post: A note from 04.29.2011

  1. Greetings, Ben-from-the-past!

    I’m pleased to report that you sired a boy – though you may be surprised to hear that he arrived three full weeks early! (You overshot his birthday by nearly a month!) As you suspected, your son’s name actually did wind up being Grayson, though the pregnancy experience for your (our?) wife ends up being a rocky one.

    *Grayson James McGee was born on October 7th, 2011 at 1:01am local time. (Eight pounds, eleven ounces!)

    Beyond the somewhat typical sickness woes of the first trimester and a puzzling aversion to chicken, Jordan fights pre-term labor and hypertension, ending up on bedrest nearly the entire last trimester. Then, after a successful and unmedicated labor and delivery performed with the aid of something you’ll learn is called “hypnobirthing,” (you’ll end up in a class in a couple of months that will make sense of it,) she has to fight subsequent bouts of pregnancy-induced high blood pressure and fairly extreme anemia, though she weathers it admirably and emerges no worse for wear a few weeks afterward.

    Now, I know you’re dying for details about your son – he has dark hair like his mother and appears to resemble her from the nose up, while he might more resemble you (us) from the nose down. Of course, this all might and likely will change with time, but there it is for now. And as for the eyes? We actually can’t tell! His eyes have been changing color constantly, remining a sort of dark, bluish-grayish non-committal shade. They seem to be growing more blue with time, but based on what I hear, anything goes for these first couple of months… Jordan’s green eyes may yet prevail!

    In the meantime, just try to relax and help Jordan through it. Being a father will profoundly affect your worldview in ways impossible to explain, but all changes are for the better. Hang in there. The future will arrive soon enough.


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