Digital Time Capsule note from 2010

18 07 2011

With the ubiquity of our digital infrastructure, it occurs to me that one possible means of transmitting information across vast stretches of time may, in fact, be to simply schedule it for much-delayed delivery.

How far will this work in principle?  I feel confident I can trust WordPress’s existence for six months.  One year?  Still feels reasonable.  Ten years?  Fifty years?

So, with that in mind, I am writing this note on Sunday morning, July 18th, 2010 and sending it exactly one year into the future.  As for events occurring in my time, BP (formerly British Petroleum) has just put a new, advanced cap on the now-infamous leaking oil well in the Gulf of Mexico.  The polarizing topic of the day seems to be how to deal with illegal immigration on our country’s southern border.  Temperatures are high here in the Las Vegas desert, pushing into the “eleventy-hot” zone during the late afternoon.  Yesterday, I planted a new flowering fruitless plum tree in the front yard, which I hope will survive the heat.

Now, I have a few questions for you.  Does 2011 appear, like years before, not much different than 2010?  I suspect as much.  Does this message find me, my readers, and those I care about in good spirits and health?  I sincerely hope so.  Did the tree I just planted survive its first summer and winter?

Even if I can’t bodily travel through time, at least right now my information can.  Let’s see how many of these time capsules make it to the future.  =)

Remember, when in doubt, make the choice you’ll least regret.

This is Ben McGee, from July 18, 2010, signing off.

July 18, 2010; 09:32am local time.



4 responses

19 07 2011
Lloyd Jenkins Jr.

Wow, a classic idea. I remember that infamous BP company. Not really in the media these days. Now its the budget and the space shuttle are the main topics.

I need to make a time capsule, maybe on my B-day.

27 07 2011

Lloyd – Thanks for the comment, and go for it! Time capsule notes are a fun way to communicate across time, or “jump the timestream,” as I like to call it. Thanks for (still) reading!

27 07 2011

Ben – Your suspicions, for the most part, were proven true. 2011 is quite similar to the year 2010. While both the BP incident and illegal immigration have been now almost completely obscured by the current woeful state of the economy, everyone you know appears to be in a relatively happy state. Of particular note is the fact that just one year into your future, your wife is due to have a child! The tree you planted has done quite well and has been affectionately (if not ridiculously) nicknamed “Lieutenant Bee’s Knees,” or just, “the Lieutenant,” for short. On this end, I’m still endeavoring the make the choices of least regret – while if not somewhat frightening at times, I hope doing so will prove ultimately fruitful… Good to hear from you! (Oh, and don’t study too hard these coming semesters… You end up going back to grad school, and soon!)


9 08 2011
Gorbin Wafflemunch

I have to say the time capsule idea is very cool. Whether or not I’ll still be blogging in a year is hard to say as I’ve only just started again and the first attempt went south quickly…but as you said “when in doubt, make the choice you’ll least regret” – sound advice sir. Sound advice.

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