Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.

“Space Travel is all we do!  Rocket parking on the roof…”

Just a note today on an outfit that has been one of my favorite internet stopping points for quite a while now.  It’s Seattle’s Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co., a refreshingly serious tongue-in-cheek astronaut supply shop whose proceeds go to 826 Seattle, a related non-profit youth writing center.

Exterior view. (Credit: Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co.)

Providing local coordinates, environmental conditions, and advertising parking on the roof for savvy space travelers, the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. offers all manner of slick astronaut can’t-leave-home-without-it items.  These include thermal garments (shirts and hoodies,) award-winning galactic maps, (which I’m particularly fond of,) and a line of products from Europa Scientific, including Black Hole Starter Kits and bottled Uncertainty – handy for increasing your chances of escape from an unfriendly scenario.

In all, considering what few vendors there are for space travel supplies these days, the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. is an unassailably cool breath of fresh air.  Stop in, hang up your space helmet, and have a look.

And, above all, remember Greenwood’s slogan:

Experienced Space Travelers Agree: A Lack of Preparation is a Prescription for Mishaps.

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