SpaceX viral marketing for Falcon 9 launch with t-shirts?

11 thoughts on “SpaceX viral marketing for Falcon 9 launch with t-shirts?

  1. Hi Astrowright. It’s legit. We’ve been producing t-shirts for SpaceX for quite a while, and are grateful that they promote with t-shirts.
    Thank you for reading my blog.
    Brad White

  2. Brad,

    Didn’t mean to imply you were illegitimate, just expressing curiosity. Thanks for confirming – and very cool that SpaceX is promoting via t-shirts!


    1. Brad –
      Does your company have a website? How does one get an F9 or other SpaceX shirt? I would proudly wear it and promote their company. I do so anyways, but just don’t have a shirt to back it up.

      1. Hey Mike, our website is I don’t sell F9 shirts, I make them for Spacex and they give them away at conventions. If those types of events in your area, I suggest you go – they give away all kinds of awesome stuff.
        I’ll look around the office and if I can find an extra shirt I will send it to you.

  3. Got any shirts? I am a teacher and tried getting one from Space X and they have not replied. I would even buy a few.


    1. Apologies! I don’t actually have access to the t-shirts… They’re distributed by private promotion firms. I received mine years ago from one of the promoters – you might try him at his blog here:

      Best of luck!


      (PS – Shameless self-promotion… If you’re interested in “spaceflight fitness” t-shirts instead, my spaceflight consulting firm sells those. But they’re not SpaceX. They’re Astrowright. =) But they’re geared for aspiring astronauts. Let me know via comment and I’d be happy to email you more info.)

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