Solar System’s “Planet X” Returns!

Researchers propose new planet "Tyche" on distant fringe of solar system. Inner planets on this diagram are too close to the Sun to see. (Credit: Ben McGee)

Our solar system may have just gotten a lot more interesting. Researchers studying the orbits of comets at the University of Louisiana have found a problem.  -They’ve discovered an inconsistency with how comets are spread out compared to what you would expect under ordinary galactic conditions.  In an article recently submitted to the journal Icarus, they propose the existence of another behemoth planet orbiting far beyond Pluto along the outskirts of the Oort Cloud (a huge sphere of proto-comets  that surrounds the solar system) and that this proposed planet, Tyche, is responsible for what they see.

This calls to mind another similar hypothesis based on the apparently cyclical nature of mass extinctions throughout Earth’s history and on geologic evidence from the Moon.  Called the Nemesis theory, it proposes that our solar system is actually a binary star system, and that the Sun’s twin is a small, dim, red dwarf star named Nemesis orbiting far beyond the Oort cloud.  As the theory goes, Nemesis passes close enough to the Oort cloud to send a deadly rain of comets into the inner solar system every few-score-million years or so.  The name here is completely appropriate, as those familiar with Greek Mythology will recall that Nemesis is the goddess of Retribution.

While the Tyche and Nemesis models are clearly different proposals, the researchers offering the new proposal are aware of the similarities.  According to Greek Mythology, Tyche is Nemesis’s good sister, the goddess of Fortune and Luck.  Say what you will about the penchant of astronomers to lean on mythology – I think it’s clever.

With all of these findings hinting at something going on in the outer solar system, it seems as though there’s something there to find.  A cold gas giant would be fascinating, as would the revelation that our Sun has had a twin all along.

Maybe even both.

16 thoughts on “Solar System’s “Planet X” Returns!

    1. Planet X Vid –

      Agreed. Wouldn’t it be something if a dynamic, extreme outer solar system were responsible? -Let’s cross our fingers that our orbiting infrared telescopes, (e.g., Spitzer Space Telescope,) are finally sensitive enough to detect our cold, distant solar companions!


  1. The WISE Infrared Space Telescope (that was expected to find Tyche or Nemesis) is losing coolant faster than expected and may not be able to complete it’s entire parallax-supporting survey.

    Perhaps a decision should be made to focus the missions remaining resources on settling the Tyche & Nemesis theories.

  2. If Nemesis really existed, one couldn’t overestimate the scientific importance of that. That would be great target for probe exploration.

  3. Let’s not forget we where trying to figure out the messages that have been left by alot of Civilizations, I don’t think we guessed right on some things. I think this really is the Planet the Summerians recorded in thier Scroll wheels, There are going to be 3 Ecsilpses in 2012, a Blue looking Star has appeared as predicted in Hopi Indian culture. We got 3 Conflictsnhappening at the same time. This needs to be Mainstream so people can prepare. store water and beans and can goods People have survived this before and we will again. There is people in Washington that knows this is coming thats why they aren’t working together. Greed has set in to stow away as much as you can before the new Begining. Let hope China fairswell and doesn’t wanna collect after the Catacylsyum.

  4. can anyone tell me where abouts to look in plymouth devon for thee blue star & nibiru/planet x? i’ve have been studying planet for over 8yrs & i truly belive what i’ve read and my instinct tells me every thing is true and i have seen this year strange things with the weather which all tides in with what the hopi and mayans ect ect,i don’t hold much luck for us here in the uk , unlees the crop circles like the one in abury in wilshire is maybe ?,safe spots. i belive 200%

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