SpaceX fires up first Falcon 9 rocket

13 03 2010

Test firing of the first Falcon 9. Credit: SpaceX

A short update – SpaceX successfully test-fired its first Falcon 9 launch vehicle today at the Cape in Florida, which will eventually carry their Dragon spacecraft to the International Space Station as part of a first-of-its-kind contract with NASA.  Dragon is reusable and designed to carry unpressurized or pressurized cargo, ultimately including astronauts.

Stay tuned, guys.  If my sense here is correct, the ultimate success or failure of this system will define the role of private industry in space exploration for the next couple of decades.

Here’s wishing SpaceX well.



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11 06 2010
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[…] the successful inaugural flight of the Falcon 9 rocket I’ve been following for some time now (here, here, and here).  As the frontrunner corporate replacement for NASA’s retiring Space […]

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